Eucalyptus Clove Candles


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Emporio Fragantia Furniture

Product Description:

Discover the fresh scents of Emporio Fragrantia in San Diego and Carlsbad at Greathouse - "let yourself in"

Influenced by one of the most prestigious boulevards in Paris, the Champs-Elysees, EMPORIO evokes rich and classic European style with a new, modern and bold flare to embody a collection that pays homage to the wondrous shopping emporiums of the world. Each product captures old world spirit with its signature design and sits snug inside a dashing custom pinstripe box embellished with EMPORIO authentic stamp.  Simple. Elegant. Divine.

Eucalytpus, clove, guayacan and oakmoss.
Product Detail:
  • 21 oz. Boxed triple wick deco cylinder. Up to 150 hour burn time.  
We are proud to share that:
. EMPORIO Fragrantia candles are made with a proprietary all natural apricot wax.
. Apricot wax burns cleaner than a 100% soy wax candle with less smoke and soot.
. Our wick assemblies are made with pollutant free cotton and paper core.
. Our containers are sourced from recycled or recyclable components.
. We use vegetable based inks for all packaging and marketing materials.

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