Shopping For Your Present Life Now

As many of us know, when the pitter-patter of little feet enter our lives, there is a fundamental shift away from ourselves and towards the kids. During this time, parents have to make some choices on how the financial resources are going to be spent while staying within a tolerable budget.

Resources once intended for home improvement get shifted to other areas, leaving you with a nice home, but not the dream home you’ve always wanted.

This is especially true for Lisa and Burney, whose children have moved out and are just now able to refocus their financial resources on their home. With the help of HGTV Designer Genevieve Gorder, Lisa and Burney set off on the adventure of revamping their empty nest into their long awaited dream home.

Lisa and Burney while shopping at Greathouse

“It’s a great furniture place and I’m not a big furniture shopper, but this place is enjoyable.” states Burney as they make their way to the Greathouse showroom in Miramar.

Once there, Genevieve explains to Lisa and Burney, “Your place needs to represent you as you are in this moment of your life now!” and Greathouse is a perfect resource to help accomplish that idea.

Lisa, Burney and Genevieve shopping the Greathouse showroom in Miramar.

After exploring the Greathouse Miramar showroom, the couple with the help of Genevieve, find the perfect upholstered chair and are on their way back to enjoy their new purchase.

Burney, Lisa and Genevieve with their new purchase from Greathouse.

In the end, it was the combination of an excellent designer and a “Great” furniture store that helped a wonderful couple achieve a little bit of their dream home come true.

To see Lisa, Burney and Geneieves’ full adventure featuring Greathouse, click on the link below to watch the video on the HGTV website.

Shop For Your Present Life

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Tips and Tricks for Your Patio

Now that spring has officially arrived and most of the country has defrosted, it’s time to reclaim our outdoors. Here are some helpful tips and tricks to help you breathe life back into your patio.

  1. Make it feel Like It’s Another Room In your Home

    Lets face it we live in San Diego for a reason and just because your patio is on the outside, doesn’t mean it’s not apart of your home. Treat your patio as an extension, and give it the attention and love it deserves.

    Begin by adding a comfortable sofa or sectional such as the Contempo Curve by Lloyd Flanders. Its curve shape is perfect for those who truly enjoy entertaining and socializing with family or friends.

    The Contempo Curve by Lloyd Flanders

    The Contempo Curve by Lloyd Flanders

    To make it even better, the Contempo Curve is made to endure the elements and will last you many years to come, so long as you fallow the standard maintenance recommended by the manufacturer.

  2. Just Like You, Think Unique

    Like any other room in your home, your patio should reflect your likes and comfort level. It should be a special place where you, or your family members, can go to enjoy and relax.

    You can do this by adding a tranquil design element such as a fire table to your patio space. The Round Inverted Firetable by R. H. Peterson Company is a perfect choice to accomplish this idea.

    Inverted Firetable by R. H. Peterson

    Inverted Firetable by R. H. Peterson

  3. Green It Up While Keeping It On The Down Low

    Plants are a great way to add to the serenity of your patio as well as bursts of color. If your hesitant about planting trees directly into the ground, because of possible future root problems, then think about using over sized planting pots.

    Seasonal Living offers a range of large and fun planting pots in a variety of color combinations. Using these planting pots in your space can give you the control over the growth of the plant/tree and if you change your mind about its placement, then you can always move it to a new location!

    Over sized planting pots by Seasonal Living

    Over sized planting pots by Seasonal Living

    Additionally, if your patio is open to your neighbor’s eye, then consider using plants as a natural means to create privacy. A hedge wall is the perfect solution to this problem, but if you don’t have the time or patience to watch it grow, then consider a trellis or prefabricated vinyl divider as an alternative.

  4. Light it up!

    Just because the sun goes down, doesn’t mean your patio does to. With the addition of embedded lighting, you can transform your patio into a nighttime fantasyland filled with beauty and leisure.

    To do this, add dimming switches to your existing lights. From full blast to low and romantic, lighting is key to setting the mood you wish to experience.

    If you do not have embedded lights, then check out what Seasonal Living also offers in the ways of out door lighting! It’s an impressive array of unique lighting fixtures made from some unlikely materials.

    Outdoor lighting by Seasonal Living

    Outdoor lighting by Seasonal Living

  5. Bring On The Island

    Depending on the frequency of entertaining, consider adding a counter island designated for food preparation and drinks. This way you, as host, can still be a participant of the gathering instead of an on looker or waiter.

    Don’t forget about the seating! With your counter island in place, consider enhancing its comfort a bit further by adding swivel bar stools in to the mix. The Motu barstool by Patio Republic or the Catalina barstools by Alumont are a perfect fit for this job. To make things even better, both lines of barstools are easy to maintain and are designed to weather the elements for years to come.

    Motu Swivel Barstools by Patio Republic and Catalina Swivel Barstool

    Motu Swivel Barstools by Patio Republic (Left) and Catalina Swivel Barstool (Left)

Finally, for those of you who don’t have a sprawling patio area, then consider these same ideas except in a scaled back version. Even the smallest outdoor space can be developed in to something beautiful that everyone can appreciate and enjoy.

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10 Clever Interior Design Tricks To Help Transform Your Favorite Space.

  1. All good interior designers will tell you that the most important part of decorating your home is staying true to what you like and do not like!
  2. Paint small sized rooms with softer and lighter colors to help make the room seem larger than what it actually is. This is a great trick for really compact bathrooms.

    Example of soft colors for small spaces.

  3. If possible, use a mirror directly across from your window to add instant light to your living space. Decorative mirrors can also act as art when filling empty wall space.

    Example of a decorative mirror.

  4. Slipcovers are a quick and sometimes inexpensive way to bring new life to a piece of furniture. You can also bring a new sense of style by adding a contrasting colored pattern through your new slipcover.

    Sofa slipcover, before and after.

  5. Wicker storage containers can add functionality to your room while adding a sense of elegance at the same time.  They can be used to store architectural and décor magazines, toys, towels and blankets.

    Wicker baskets

  6. Revamp with what you have. Before running to the store to by new knick knacks, do a little spring cleaning and see if you have anything tucked away that you can bring back out to express your own unique style.
  7. Consider adding a hanging potholder to your kitchen. This can be for display purposes or a great way to expand your kitchens storage capacity.

    Example of hanging pot rack.

  8. Go green by adding some plants to your space. It’s an easy and usually inexpensive means to accessorize your living space while adding color and texture.
  9. Paint or wallpaper? This is completely up to you; just remember, if the space is small go lighter on your paint scheme to keep that feeling of openness. If the wallpaper is very ornate, consider only doing one wall as an accent. This way the wallpaper doesn’t over power the room.
  10. Hardwood floors and rugs can add a sense of elegance to any room. When adding both to a room, remember the rule of thumb. If you have dark wood floors consider going with a lighter color rug for nice contrast. The same goes for lighter colored wood floors, by adding darker rugs.

    Example of hardwood floors with area rug.

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Introducing The Newel Collection by Stanley Furniture at Greathouse

The Newel Collection By Stanley Furniture

In beauty, quality and design there are few lines of wood furniture on the market today that can match up to the majesty of the Newel Collection. For these reasons, Greathouse is proud to bring you this collection not only to our award-winning showroom in San Diego, but to your home as well.

Consisting of eight very distinctive pieces, the Newel Collection is effortlessly balanced in the simplicity of its beauty as well as its function. According to Adam Tilley, Stanley Furniture Vice President of Product, “There is honesty in furniture design that is not overly adorned and showcases the way things are made.” The Newel collection is the perfect representation of this theology as its functional design circulates around the ability to bridge a wide variety of independent styles.

Another design strength for the collection is its use of wood grain. The Newel Collection works with the natural beauty of oak to enhance its pieces with additional depth while leaving behind the feel of over ornamentation. It’s wood finish, Date, “Is a tobacco color, hand-applied and hand aged by master artisans, over white oak veneers.” This rich in-depth color along with textural elements, metal accents and vintage industrial hardware, work in unison to create pieces that are naturally beautiful.

Details of Distinction

David Horst, Greathouse Design Consultant and Merchandiser, believes this line “Appeals to the customer looking for a quality vintage industrial design, but with a transitional feel. Its’ mixture of elements creates a feeling of richness and warmth to any living space.”

Furthermore, Greathouse is currently offering 30% off any one Stanley Furniture item beginning this weekend and running until Monday February 16th. For more information, please visit the Greathouse website at or call one of their locations in San Diego or Carlsbad for more information.

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Hooker Furniture Now At Greathouse


Corsica Rectangle Pedestal Set by Hooker Furniture

Style and functionality meets sophistication and glamour. For over 90 years, Hooker Furniture has continuously created furniture that not only complements a space, but also helps create that special place called “home.”

That is why; it is with great pleasure to announce the availability of Hooker Furniture at Greathouse. It is their combined hope to bring the very best of an extensive line of bedroom, living room accents, dining room, home office and home entertainment furniture, to everyone beginning with the Corsica Collection.

Corsica Round Dining Table by Hooker Furniture

“Like the Mediterranean island for which it is named, Corsica is a melting pot of timeless design influences with a sun washed ambience and casual attitude. Gracefully shaped architectural forms of Italian, French and Belgian origin are accentuated by a wire brushed artisan finish with a reclaimed character.” (Hooker Furniture website, The Corsica Collection)

Thomas Ziska, Designer and In-home Consultant at Greathouse

When asked about the Corsica Collection, Thomas Ziska, Designer and In-home Consultant at Greathouse, states, “The elegant lines and simplicity of the Corsica Collection convey a message of luxury at a reasonable price. That is why I am proud to offer it to my customers.”

Additionally, the Corsica Collection is offered in light natural and dark espresso finishes, along with custom designed burnished bronze hardware in the shapes of swing ball, a drop bail with stylized heart shape, a simple yet classic knob and antique latchkey. It is for these reasons that the Corsica Collection “provides livable elegance that is casual yet timeless” (Hooker Furniture Catalog-Corsica Collection, pg. Introduction)

Corsica Collection Natural and Espresso Finishes

Corsica Collection Natural and Espresso Finishes

Corsica’s custom-designed hardware

Corsica’s Custom-designed Hardware

Now, if you’re looking to “create a high-drama, eclectic dining setting with splashes of color,” then the Sunset Point Collection is right for you. It’s use of sweeping scale and soft organic cathedral white oak veneers work flawlessly together to give a luxurious but livable resort feel to any space.

Sunset Point Rectangle Dining Table by Hooker Furniture

Sunset Point Rectangle Dining Table by Hooker Furniture

This collection is also known for its signature design motifs, which include lattice on the panel bed; delicate, interlocking geometrics on chair back, soft shaping serpentine cases and planked tabletops. All of these separate design elements blend seamlessly together, creating furniture pieces that are sophisticated and charming.

Signature design motifs in Sunset Point Collection

Signature design motifs in Sunset Point Collection

To furth­­er enhance the natural beauty of The Sunset Point Collection, Hooker Furniture offers it in three finishes, “Hatteras White, a soft wire-brushed light alabaster finish with a natural-colored undertone; St. John’s blue, a robin’s egg-blue chipped crackle finish with rub-through and Sea Oat, a soft light brown finish with a natural wood look and a slight white hang-up effect.” (Sunset Point Collection Catalog, pg 1)

Three designer finishes: Hatteras White, St. John’s Blue, Sea Oat

Three designer finishes: Hatteras White, St. John’s Blue, Sea Oat


Kate Mellon, Designer and In-home Consultant at Greathouse

Kate Mellon, Designer and In-home Consultant at Greathouse

Kate Mellon, Designer and In-home Consultant at Greathouse, is “Thrilled to see such a wonderful line of furniture added to my bag goodies! It gives me the tools necessary to help clients find what they are looking for.”

In the end, these contributing factors combine to bring Greathouse customers what all customers want, the pleasure and satisfaction of owning beautiful furniture for a fair price.

In honor of this new business venture, Greathouse is offering a 15% discount off all Hooker Furniture, beginning Friday October 17th through Monday the 20th.  So, “Let yourself in” and experience the beauty of Hooker Furniture at Greathouse.

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Tips on Fabric & Design Trends

This year’s fall interior design trends circle around creating dramatic impacts with combinations of vivid colors, bold patterns and simplicity. With this in mind, here are some tips that might help you help yourself.

1. Colors

Bungalow Bed by Stanley Furniture in Gloucester Grey.

Bungalow Bed by Stanley Furniture in Gloucester Grey.

Although the neutral palette will never be forgotten, the current trends return to the
celebration of color. Deeply saturated hues like navy, indigo and all shades of gray are considered the “new” neutral, because of their ability to blend with other colors and styles so easily.

Also on the move is pink. This pop of color can help break up more monotone interiors without becoming too overwhelming, especially when used on furniture rather than covering entire walls.

Thomas Altamirano, Principal Designer for Studio Alta Inc. of New York, states “Use color to accent special features in a space such as a significant piece of furniture or a cozy nook. Don’t think of color in such a literal sense such as an accent wall. An interesting blue chair is a much more interesting conversation piece than a blue wall.”

Romero Accent Chair by Cisco Brothers

Romero Accent Chair by Cisco Brothers

2.  Embrace the luxurious side

Fabrics like velvet, earthy suede, textured corduroy are on their way up the popularity ladder, but don’t forget about cotton and linen. These classic fabrics, now rejuvenated with the addition of metallic finishes, can be seen faithfully across the industries and can add a feel of sophistication to any space.

Examples of metallic fabrics

Examples of metallic fabrics

3. Floral Prints and Patterns

The addition of floral patterns to any space allows it to instantly feel softer and more welcoming, but lets make this clear, it’s not your grandmothers’ floral patterns. These are new age patterns with a modern twist.

Examples of modern floral patterns

Examples of modern floral patterns

You can also expect to see large prints with darker backgrounds along side their floral pattern cousins.

Examples of floral patterns on a dark background

Examples of floral patterns on a dark background

4. Matching patterns – Not so much!

We all know that harmonious colors don’t have to match, and the same goes for pattern finishes. Don’t be afraid to try bold styles and mix finishes like the two-tone dining table by Hooker Furniture.

Corsica Round Two Toned Dining Table by Hooker Furniture

Corsica Round Two Toned Dining Table by Hooker Furniture

You’ll be surprised at how far you can push the boundaries and still create a cohesive look.

5. Performance?  Not just a word for cars

Selecting the right fabric is extremely important when it comes to protecting your furniture from wear and in some cases, family members. David Horst, Designer for Greathouse Furniture, believes “It’s a good idea to buy the best quality fabric your budget can afford when shopping for furniture, especially upholstered furniture.”

In addition to this, you should always consider these simple factors when shopping for indoor or outdoor furniture. Weather resistance, UV protection, easy cleanup and fabric life expediency, are all key factors to consider before you make that big jump and purchase your merchandise.

6. Think out side the box

The one issue most individuals have with following trends is not thinking out side the box. Have the confidence to try bold trends and add your perspective on the interpretation of design style.

Some trends are not trendy and they are not usually here one season and gone the next, instead they sometimes morph and grow leading us into other styles, but they do influence us every day and virtually in every place in our lives.

7. If all else fails, then get some help

If your lost, confused and clueless on where to begin, then it’s okay to ask for some help. Not everyone is born with the knack on knowing what looks good and what doesn’t.

If this is you, then get some help! Greathouse has an excellent design staff that offers in-house consultations. This means, one of the design staff will come to your home and offer their insights on how to proceed. This is a great feature for those individuals who have an idea, but need the extra help to see it become a reality.

Greathouse Design Staff

Greathouse Design Staff

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What type of furniture works best where you live?

Pick the perfect materials for poolside or seaside

If this is the summer that you are finally able to create a dream outdoor room – extending your beautiful indoor designer look to a patio, trellis, gazebo, pool deck and lawn – it’s smart to be educated about the variety of materials that are available in outdoor furniture brands.  If you have spent thousands of dollars on landscaping, it makes sense to invest as much on quality furniture that will last for many years.

Common materials for outdoor furniture include cast aluminum, resin wicker, teak and, of course, plastic from the local big box store. Some will last for the summer, while grandmas’ wrought iron bench may be passed on for generations. But is it comfortable?

Daphne Dorrell, Designer

Daphne Dorrell, Designer

According to Daphne Dorrell, a designer at Greathouse in San Diego and Carlsbad, customers look for a pleasing aesthetic, quality and longevity when purchasing furniture. “In San Diego,” she said, “our back yards are an extension of our living rooms and our summers last 10 months out of the year – it is important to have the right product.

Resin wicker is particularly popular, according to Dorrell. “Most of what you see out there is a flat, “chocolate” weave. However, what’s trending this season is the thicker, round weave. It adds depth and durability, as seen in the popular Del Sur model.

“Hand woven, built to last, gorgeous finishes, super comfortable and completely modular, these pieces can be combined to fit your space perfectly,” said Dorrell. “Compliment your resin wicker with durable Sunbrella fabric, proudly made in the U.S.A. in hundreds of color and pattern choices and you will have a set to enjoy for many summers.”

The Del Sur Sectional, by Patio Republic

This modular Del Sur outdoor seating by Patio Republic is this summer’s hot new item for your outdoor room.

Additional material recommendations include:

Wood furniture – like your indoor pieces, wood patio furniture can be beautifully built and stained any number of colors. With proper maintenance it will last a long time. But keep in mind that sun, wind and water can take its toll. Design your yard to keep the wood furniture under a patio covering, in shade, or away from the pool and have the stain or paint refreshed frequently.

Cast Aluminum – Many patio sets offered by high end companies like Mallin, Alumont or Hanamint are made with superior cast aluminum powder coating which is designed to withstand the outdoor elements.  If you live inland or in a dry climate, these furniture sets should give you the long-term quality you want.  If you dream of using your backyard to unwind with a cold drink with your feet up, or simply nestling in to read a book, definitely consider Mallin as an option.  Primarily focused on oversized cast aluminum pieces, Mallin has been a Southern California staple for years.

Marine Grade Polymer by Telescope – If you live right on the beach, furniture durability is very important. Marine Grade Polymer (MGP) is easily the most durable product in outdoor furniture. MGP is available in several finishes and is accompanied with Sunbrella fabric.  Most importantly, at Greathouse this furniture comes with a 15-year warranty and will look fresh and new – year after year.

Leeward 3 Seater made from Marine Grade Polymer by Telescope

Leeward 3 Seater made from Marine Grade Polymer by Telescope

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Five tips for buying patio furniture

Del Sur Sectional, by Patio Republic

Spring is “patio season,” when the petunias, tomato and zucchini plants fly off the shelves of home improvement stores, hardware stores, discount stores and even grocery stores. But if you’re thinking of buying the furniture at the same place you buy the vegetables, it could be that you need to upgrade your expectations to have long-lasting, quality furniture that will last season after season.

According to, experts agree that, “What you buy to use outside has to stand up to sun exposure, wind, rain and probably some roughhousing, too. Inspect every piece you’re considering for flaws, especially if the deal sounds too good to be true. This is one area where a higher price is often a good indicator of better quality.”

David Horst, Designer

David Horst, designer at Greathouse, with locations in San Diego and Carlsbad, noted that being able to buy from a showroom is the first step in getting high quality. He recommended that price should not be the only consideration when it comes to making buying decisions. Here are his top five tips for finding the right patio furniture for you:

1. Plan ahead

Before heading to your local furniture retailer, step back and take a look at your patio area. Take note of the shape and dimensions. The more information you have, the easier it will be to find the perfect collection to meet your needs. If at all possible, snap a couple of quick pictures with your smart phone.

2. Can you find what you want in stock?

Some furniture stores keep a selection in stock that is ready for immediate delivery or customer pick-up. Greathouse has many popular collections from Patio Republic, Mallin and Lloyd Flanders because they are cost-friendly and classic designs that satisfy customers who are in a hurry.

 3. Look for quality

Make sure the fabric is made for the outdoors. Sunbrella fabric, for example, is made to withstand the weather so you won’t see sun discoloration, problems with moisture or stains and streaks from dirt or other debris carried by the wind. While the price of an acrylic or olefin fabric sounds too good to pass up, keep in mind that you will most likely be shopping for a replacement much sooner than you’d like.

4. Consider shade

Even the most comfortable patio furniture won’t let you relax for long if it’s too hot to sit outside. Shade is the key to having a well-used outdoor room, and keeping it flexible makes the most sense. Stand-alone umbrellas that can move will let you take shade with you throughout the yard. Dividers, screens and wheeled serving carts can also make your furniture useable any time of day.

5. Buy comfort

The most important tip is to look for furniture that is comfortable, and you should test several different styles until you find the one that is perfect for your family. Chairs should be substantial and wide – motion chairs are always the most popular. Modular sectionals are versatile, use space more efficiently and have a great look.

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Online furniture buying could disappoint – then what?

San Diego Skyline

With sunny days becoming more frequent, San Diegans are hurrying to get outdoor space in order – lush flower beds, attractive hardscapes, and, most of all, quality patio furniture and accessories. If you are upgrading your outdoor seating, adding an umbrella or matching colors of an outdoor rug, you might think you could save time by shopping with a smart phone. Once it’s delivered, you could be in for a world of disappointment and waste days making it right.

Brian Kelsey, writing for the Huffington Post, cautions that buying furniture online has some pitfalls. Possible difficulties arise in these troubled areas: Return policies, Quality, and Customer Service.

“Greathouse invests in retail showrooms and various brands of quality inventory because there is tremendous importance in being able to see, touch and feel the furniture before purchase,” said Paul Rees, president of Greathouse. “Buying furniture online presents different challenges.”

These include:

Fabric Selection:

One of the greatest steps in building your outdoor oasis is the ability to customize the furniture to reflect your taste, style, colors and design. There are so many fabric options that being in the store allows you to select what fits your décor. It’s like buying a blue blouse online and finding it’s purple on arrival…have extra packing tape on hand for the return.

Comfort Levels: These vary dramatically. Visiting our showroom gives you the ultimate customer experience with a knowledgeable designer and the opportunity to feel the comfort level before buying. Have you ever sat down on a couch expecting comfort only to hurt yourself because of extra firm seating?

Scale: Especially relating to wicker furniture, online pictures can look like a big, beautiful value, but when it arrives it may be very small in scale and look like a postage stamp in your yard.

Consistency: Quite often, when shopping online, especially with big box retailers, their seasonal offerings vary from year to year. So, if you purchase an outdoor sofa now and think you might want to add a matching chaise or club chair next year, the odds are good that the same model or fabric will not be available.

Damage: Unfortunately, damage can happen to furniture during transport and may be difficult to resolve. You may need to put it back in the original packaging, which also may be damaged in unpacking…where’s the packing tape…again?

Delivery: Most furniture delivery is “curbside only” forcing you to unpack and inspect your furniture in a driveway. Online retailers often charge much more for “white glove” delivery.

Return Policy: Typically, if you return the item you will pay for return shipping and possibly restocking fees. Returning furniture is not like returning a tee shirt.

“Purchasing from a store in your neighborhood supports local business and allows you to see exactly what you will get before you buy. Greathouse offers professional assistance in our stores or by consulting at your home,” said Rees. “You will have help, assistance and confidence every step of the way.”

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Look familiar? Tired of replacing patio furniture every couple of years? Some advice for a long term solution.

Greathouse Furniture and Patio, a staple in the community for the past 12 years, has been offering San Diegans and their neighbor’s solutions to this very problem.  Like anything else, whether it is clothes or beauty products, it is quality that counts.  Despite the riches we find ourselves in with regards to the Sun-Sational San Diego climate, patio furniture still needs to withstand rigorous family activities and the elements.  If you don’t mind replacing your patio furniture every one or three years, you will find plenty of options out there. However, if you are looking to find the right Patio collection to compliment your home and lifestyle for years to come . . . might we suggest Lloyd Flanders as one possible solution.

Solution – Think American

Marshall Burns Lloyd

Exclusively found at Greathouse in San Diego and Carlsbad, Lloyd Flanders is a uniquely American company.  Since 1906, this family owned company, have been creating the most durable line of outdoor woven furniture that offers unsurpassable comfort and fashion forward design in the industry.  Each all-weather wicker or “Lloyd Loom” pieces are individually hand crafted by expert artisans, and in some cases, fourth generation Lloyd employees.  Lloyd Loom is the name given to a woven fabric and furniture that was invented by Marshall Burns Lloyd nearly 100 years ago. It inspired a generation of furniture designers in the 1920’s and 30’s, associated with the art-deco period and the classic ocean-going liners of the time and it remains a timeless and classic style of furniture that endures to this day.  Lloyd Loom weave is made from twisted paper and wire and the frames are traditionally made from steam-bent beech wood. The furniture is renowned for its longevity and durability. Inferior models imported from the Far East, still widely available, are made on flimsy rattan frames, which have neither the strength nor the longevity of real Lloyd Loom.  Based out of Menominee Michigan, Greathouse is proud to feature and promote American Made furniture.

Take 20% off Lloyd Flanders furniture

Lloyd Flanders Hampton Sectional

Great Partnerships

“Isn’t everything better when you find the right partner?”  Kim Bobes, Lloyd Flanders representative said when asked about their association with Greathouse.  “They, (Greathouse) represent the best of today’s lifestyle – an eclectic mix of contemporary and reclaimed, indoor and outdoor, rustic and refined. . . Lloyd Flanders is committed to forging enduring relationships with retailers and manufacturing superior outdoor furniture for today’s lifestyle.  Greathouse is a wonderful retailer who understands today’s lifestyle and we are thrilled to be a part of their business.”

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Ask an Expert, Why Lloyd Flanders

Vanessa Hiltman, Greathouse Designer

Vanessa Hiltman, a Greathouse designer, expressed her thoughts this way “Some of my favorite features that Lloyd Flanders offer are versatility, customization and style for my clients. Lloyd Flanders is one of the only lines that offer over 20 custom paint options. This great perk allows you to change the color of your patio furniture down the road.

Lloyd Flanders has one of the largest exclusive custom fabric selections, which enables our customers to truly create a patio unlike any other.  She continued “Lastly, Lloyd Flanders does a fantastic job of offering a wide range of styles from modern to traditional to satisfy the most discriminating palette.”

Lloyd uses state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and equipment combined with over a century of furniture knowledge to produce classic American wicker furniture.  By combining the best of the old with the improvements of the new, yields heirloom quality furniture to be enjoyed for generations to come. Each piece is handmade and colored to order, which enables them to tailor any product to your specification.

Melissa Bilicki, Greathouse Designer, Buyer and Merchandiser

Melissa Bilicki, Designer, Buyer and Merchandiser for Greathouse echoed her colleague’s remarks by adding, “Lloyd Flanders is truly heirloom furniture that can be passed down for generations or freshened up every few years depending on your taste.  One of the things that separate’s Lloyd from many other wicker companies is their unique ability to repaint or refinish their furniture.”

What do George H. W. Bush and the Queen of England have in common?

Jorge Bush Sr. sitting on Lloyd Flanders patio furniture

Well, we aren’t sure about everything that they may have in common but one thing is for sure, they both enjoy comfort and styling – the Lloyd Flanders way!  That’s right, you will find Lloyd product scattered over porches at the White House, who knows “Uncle Joe” (Biden), could be relaxing in a Lloyd chair as you’re reading this on the lawn at the vice presidents mansion.  “That’s all fine and good, you say, but what about royalty?”  The Queen prefers to watch her tennis matches in the Royal Box at Wimbledon while relaxing in the wonderfully cozy and durable Lloyd Flanders outdoor furniture.

So whether or not you have a majestic bloodline or, simply looking for quality long lasting outdoors patio furniture.  Take a look at Lloyd Flanders that is featured at one of our award winning showrooms.

“Great Furniture is not woven to fill spaces in the home.
It is woven for the spaces in our lives.
It is woven for laughter and for family.
It is woven for romance, and quiet contemplation.
It is woven for rest, and for play

We believe great design, craftsmanship and life- long durability are all intertwined.”

Greathouse Sale Promotion

Starting March 15th – April 30th receive 20% off any purchase of Lloyd Flanders furniture.

Take 20% off Lloyd FlandersClick the link below to go to our Facebook page, like us and then print out your additional 5% savings!

like us on facebook and take off additional 5% off

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